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No Database Upgrade after Update to 2019.1.21.0

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I'm confused.

I installed the update to version 2019.1.12 this morning.
Previously we had version 14.1.3. (We also use the Devolutions Password Server Version 6.1.3 next to RDM)
Is this not necessary with DPS SQL Data Source?

In the release note it is described that an update of the database is required.

After the installation no message appeared and manually the upgrade is not available via the data source:

Am I doing something wrong or is update after version 14.1.3 not necessary?

Clock10 mths


The database upgrade will occurs if you are using a data source like SQL Server, SQL Azure, MariaDB or MySQL.
With DPS (Devolutions Password Server), the database upgrade is performed when you update the Password Server.

If you are using DPS 6.1.3 (the latest release available), RDM version 2019.1.x isn’t fully supported. As RDM and DPS are closely related, I would recommend you to uninstall RDM 2019.1.21 and install back RDM 14.1.3.

You can download RDM 14.1.3 from the following page.

For your information, DPS 2019.1.x should be out soon. If you are interested to test the new DPS beta version 2019.1.9 in a staging environment, it is available for download using the following link.

We recommend following these instructions to update your server properly

We also offer free remote sessions to help you upgrade your Password Server instance. If you would like to book a session, please contact us at

Best regards,

Jeff Dagenais

Clock10 mths