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If you are using windows x86 you can use this client and create a .cmd to invoke those commands to establish a vpn connection.

Installer Version SC_NGX_R60_HFA2_Supplement2_630001052.msi

Your scc.exe normally is in "C:\Program Files\CheckPoint\SecuRemote\bin\scc.exe"

# Set CLI Mode
scc.exe setmode cli
# Setusername and password
scc.exe userpass username password
# Connect to a site
scc.exe connect sitename
# to check if the VPN is realy up you can doo something loke this
ping internal_server
# disconnect
scc.exe disconnect
# go back to nrmal interactive mode
scc.exe setmode connect

from RDM you should execute your cmd before open any RDP

7 yrs Checkpoint R60 command line