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You're right, sorting does work. Was that fixed in the 1.6 release? I think the last time I tried to sort was in 1.5, but I have 1.6 now.

3 mths password importer improvements

Please support restricting login to the Password Hub vault to configurable IP addresses. Our users should only be able to access their company provided vaults from our network on our devices, and an IP address restriction is an easy way to accomplish that.

3 mths ip address restrictions

Please allow for actions to be applied to multiple entries in Password Hub. I imported credentials in to my Password Hub incorrectly, and there does not appear to be a way to select multiple entries and delete them.

Other actions that might be useful to apply to multiple selections are Move, Copy, Tag/Untag, and Change Icon.

3 mths actions for multiple entries from password hub

We have successfully exported a csv from LastPass, imported to Remote Desktop Manager, exported to an RDM file, and then used Password Importer to get it in to Password Hub. But that is a lot of steps, and not something we are looking forward to have to do to migrate all the users in our company.

The following improvements to Password Importer would make the process much easier for us:

  • support LastPass csv directly in Password Importer
  • allow sorting by the other columns (specifically Folder in our case)
  • import folder name as a property, or as a tag
  • improve multi-select (i.e., allow shift-clicking to select multiple items to check/uncheck)

3 mths password importer improvements

We would like to be able to configure what additional fields are automatically captured as part of storing a password for a site. This configuration option should be set at the master hub level so it applies to all users.

For example, we would configure to also capture the field CompanyID. Then when a user logs in to the webpage and Password Hub prompts to save the username and password, it would also capture the CompanyID and add it to the website in the hub.

3 mths master vault level configuration for capturing additional fields