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I have been using Wayk Now for about a year for occasional connections to client systems that don't have RDP or VPN support. I have had a couple of issues with it for which I think I understand the cause (or at least a causal effect). I had thought that Wayk Now would lock up and I would have to reconnect. After working with it this morning, I realized that when I remotely opened certain MS Windows applications, I lose all control of the cursor. These applications include the Command Prompt, PowerShell prompt, Hyper-V Manager and Services.msc. There may be others that I have just not tried. If these are the foreground window, the remote cursor is not responsive. If I have a remote user close the open application or select a different application, the cursor starts to respond again.
For reference, the version of Wayk Now being used is the current release. Prior to that I had installed 3.0.0 B7.
Any thoughts?

7 mths Remote access to certain MS applications