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In 2019.2.9.0, the copy username & password buttons (all 3) are no longer working correctly.

Copy Username and Password - only copies password
Copy Username - nothing is copied
Copy Password - nothing is copied

I do note that in this update release there were fixes to the clipboard for Windows 10.

I have tested with clipboard history on and off and changing the password copying ability from secure to legacy with each change and issue remains across all the changes.

2 mths Copy Username & Password buttons are broken

Hi Etienne,

Apologies for the delay, I have been side-tracked with some project work.

I have had look over those settings, and I think the issue was caused by having Export set to Never at the root level, as we didn't want people to be able to export passwords out and etc.

I didn't think that it would impact the certificate option but I guess it is technically an export.

I changed that permission over and it all appears to be working now, but now I have the problem of preventing my passwords from being exported.

Is there by any chance a future feature to allow/deny exports at lower levels for entries?

7 mths Unable to "Save Document As"

Its a certificate entry and the user is a standard User type.

8 mths Unable to "Save Document As"

Hi Erica,

We are running with a Microsoft SQL Datasource type.

8 mths Unable to "Save Document As"

I've noticed that you have now added Office 365 Authentication support in the latest update for DPS data source on the Android RDM.

How long away till Azure SQL can get the same kind of authentication support (with MFA enabled)? I understand that with the MFA part, we may still need to set it up the same as the Windows RDM version which is fine, just curious as to when this getting completed as this is our last hold up to moving our SQL database to Azure SQL.

8 mths SQL Active Directory Integration and RDM Android 5.0


We have just come across an issue where if I upload a certificate to the RDM Vault, no one else seems to be able to export/save it out.

They can execute it which then starts up windows certificate manager import process, but the "Save Document As" button is greyed out.

Allow Export is enabled and they have been assigned all the permissions to the entry for their role apart from setting it to Everyone and the entry doesn't expire for another year.

Is there something else I'm missing to get that button to work correctly for my team?

8 mths Unable to "Save Document As"

Hi Olivier,
That is correct and the exact issue that is occurring.

Thank you for opening a ticket regarding this issue.

10 mths Prompted for Credentials when using Password List for website

Hi James,

The reason why we get prompted 3 times, is because they are using 3 different password lists, ie 1 for each customer.

For example, 1 website (such as Office 365) will have different customer credentials, so we will create 1 Web login for each of the customer, it will look like this.

Customer 1 - O365 Login (Web) entry to Customer 1 password list using the specific O365 credential located within the password list.
Customer 2 - O365 Login (Web) entry to Customer 2 password list using the specific O365 credential located within the password list.

If the password list only contains 1 entry, the prompt doesn't occur, but as soon as you add the 2nd entry into the same password list (without assigning the 2nd entry to anything), we start getting prompted. This makes no sense as it is still a password list and the entry is still specified the exact same way and nothing else has changed, except that the password list now has 2 credentials in it.

The main reason we want to utilise the password list over username/password entries is that it makes it easier when passwords get reset or expire, to update the 1 list rather than having to go to each individual username/password entry, while also keeping the private vault tidy and organised which is what I assume is the purpose of the password list entry.

As I mentioned earlier, it appears that when you specifically assign a credential in a password list via the properties menu on an entry, it will work as intended, but if you are trying to use the User\Local Specific options to set your credentials over it, it is failing. But you can only specifically assign an entry in a password list if that password list is in the main repository, not in your private vault. This occurs regardless if the Web Browser or Login (Web) entry is located in the credential repository or in your private vault.

This issue seems to be more related to how your application decides to use password lists depending on how they are being applied and located within your application and how many credentials are in the list, rather than treating them same across the board.

I shouldn't have to put my private password list in the main repository and add it directly to an entry (so anyone who uses that entry will get my credentials) to get the same functionality if I were to assign my password list from my private vault using the User/Local specific settings.

10 mths Prompted for Credentials when using Password List for website


I'm just following up regarding this issue.

I'm now currently running 14.1.3 RDM Enterprise with web extension and still having the same issue.

I have also attempted to create new web entries, both website and web login, and new password lists and I'm still experiencing the same issue.

10 mths Prompted for Credentials when using Password List for website

Hi James,

I have now uploaded the video.

I have also included the normal way as well for reference as there is no difference really between the two settings except for I get the prompt straight away with the automatic load.

12 mths Prompted for Credentials when using Password List for website

Hi James,

Apologises for the delay as I have been on leave.

It stops the issue from occurring on the page load, but as soon as we go to load any password via the extension, it reoccurs.

12 mths Prompted for Credentials when using Password List for website

Hi James,

That is the exact issue that is occurring, thanks for confirming.

12 mths Prompted for Credentials when using Password List for website

Hi James,
So from your entry, and rereading my post, I failed to mention that the password list is in the private vault and then using user-specific settings to apply the password list generates the prompt.

Assign the password list within the entry works fine, but not when using it as a user-specific setting.

I have also tested local-specific setting and achieve the same results and receive a prompt using the entries you provided.

I have attached zip with the screenshots of what I'm getting when using the above method

12 mths Prompted for Credentials when using Password List for website

We are using and we are using a Login (Web) entry.

12 mths Prompted for Credentials when using Password List for website

I have noticed that when using a password list against a website, if you only have 1 entry in the list and you have assigned that entry to the website, it works fine.

As soon as I add a second entry, it will always prompt for which credential to use, even though I have specified the exact credential to be used on the list.

I have tried deleting the list and configuring the password list with both credentials and assigning the one I wish to use, but it still occurs. It will only not occur when my password list only has 1 credential.
This works fine for all other entries, just not website login/account. I can't test the http/https as the website we are using has multiple of different authentication sources that it can use

Is there an option I need to enable/disable to get it to use the assigned credential in the password list?

12 mths Prompted for Credentials when using Password List for website

Hi Jeff,

We will be hoping to move our database as that is the method we tested with and settings came with, Global entries, roles, users, etc. The only issue was that we couldn't use our original user accounts, thus losing the private store.

2 yrs Migrate to Azure SQL

We are currently running our RDM database on Microsoft SQL 2008 R2.

We are looking at migrating to Azure SQL at some stage but after some testing, we noticed that we can't use our integrated AD accounts anymore, even though our Office 365 environment is synced with our on-prem.

Is there any other way for us to reconnect our users to use the new Azure SQL with Azure AD accounts without having to get recreate all the users, add them to roles and get them to back up their private vaults to be imported into their new account?

2 yrs Migrate to Azure SQL

I noticed in the latest release notes that you are no longer saying that Integrated Security (Active Directory) isn't working, does this mean that it is now working?

I've updated to this version to test it but it doesn't seem to be working?

I'm already running on my desktop and updated the database but it keeps telling me logging information is incorrect on the latest Android version 5.0.

I've also noticed that there is now an "Active Directory Interactive" option, I've tried this as well but same response. What is this option for as I seem to be unable to find any information regarding this option?

Errol Tu-Parker

2 yrs SQL Active Directory Integration and RDM Android 5.0

Hi Jeff,

Yes, it occurs when RDM 13.9.10 is started in offline mode and it generates the error code 400 within the web extension on chrome.

On Edge, it connects but doesn't proceed to display any results.

Using the internal browser (Embedded Tab) option, it passes through login details to the browser and works correctly.

If change the entry to External, it opens the browser and goes to the requested page but doesn't pass through the credentials, as I would imagine because the extension isn't working.

If I'm online and then go offline, it works fine. Even if I restart the browsers, it will still connect and apply login details via the web extension.

I'm able to see all the credentials within RDM and copy paste them from RDM into the browsers and it all works fine.


2 yrs Web browser plugin not working in offline/cache mode

Yup, Windows Clipboard seems to be the cause of the problem.

I turned it off and it started working straight away correctly straight away.

2 yrs RDM 14 Beta

Hi David and Min,

I'm currently running, and you are correct David about Windows Clipboard history.

It appears to be pushing it to the Win + V method rather than Ctrl + V, and just tested and confirmed that's what it is doing.

I will try turning off Windows Clipboard and test, but other than that, is there another workaround?

2 yrs RDM 14 Beta

I'm not sure if this has been reported, but I have noticed that the "Copy Username & Password" button no longer appears to be working anymore?

I am able to use the "Copy Username" and "Copy Password" buttons which work fine but the combined one doesn't seem to work anymore.

I have tried switching between legacy and Paste once (secure) and extending the delays but nothing seems to get that function to work anymore.

2 yrs RDM 14 Beta


I'm currently running 13.9.10 which is to my understanding the beta version for the v14 release.

The issue mentioned appears to still not be resolved in this version, or does it come in a later release of the beta builds?

I'm also running extension in chrome if that helps.


2 yrs Web browser plugin not working in offline/cache mode

Yes, we are running a SQL data source, and I have emailed support.

Thanks for that!

2 yrs After username change, private vault is gone


I have a couple of users which require name changes as well. Would I please be able to get a copy of the SQL statement so that I can update them correctly without fear of losing their private vault and configurations.

2 yrs After username change, private vault is gone