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1 up on this. With GDPR and other data security laws steadily showing up these days, hoping and preying that account administrators properly implement all the required denies each time an object added/edited is a big risk.

It would be great if you could implement a option of "Traverse". It would just allow the object to show up in a users tree. No assumption of underlying inheritance would exist. You would only be able to see sub objects to which you are also explicitly assigned permissions to.

5 mths Permission to traverse folders

- Why is this necessary still 2 years later? You offer this feature in the GUI but it blow's away the underlying data away.
- Why even have ID's and a relational database if you are going to use the text and not ID's to associate objects with?
- Why offer the ability to rename in the GUI if we actually need to do is this in powershell if we expect it to work?
- How are users supposed to know when a feature offered in the GUI, really should be done via Command Line if you actually expect it not to destroy data?

I have managers and first level administrators that I want to pass this job off to. They are never going to do powershell.

5 mths Renaming a role and update permissions

I've tried that, F2 is not reliable. When you click on an entry and hit F2, if you are connected to that entry, when the screen pane loads, it will boot you out of rename mode before you can copy the text. Also, there seems to be times where F2 will simply not put a selected entry into rename mode. If I click on it a few times, it will eventually go into rename mode. The idea here is to get an efficiency boost. Any solution that isn't reliable, isn't efficient.

2 yrs Copy RDP Entry Name To Clipboard

Do you have a best guess when this feature will be coming?

2 yrs Copy RDP Entry Name To Clipboard

No, I am looking to copy the entry name, the text in the left hand navigation tree.

2 yrs Copy RDP Entry Name To Clipboard

I work with Azure VM's mostly. To get to the vm's, I use their public host name Example But if I am on the console of ServerNameA and want to get to the UNC of ServerNameB, I cannot use the public FQDN, I have to type \\ServerNameB. I use the server netbios names as my RDP entry names, so quickly copying that to clipboard would be useful. Also useful when I want to quickly grab a name to drop in an email. Our host names are complex so not the easiest to type out when I could just copy it. Ideally, I would right click on an entry, go to the clipboard sub menu, and there would be an option of "Entry Name" or something to that effect.

Currently I have to go to properties and grab it there.

2 yrs Copy RDP Entry Name To Clipboard