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Thanks Michaƫl,

That looks very promising !

Will this new feature make sure that the add-ons are available for ALL users of RDM, without for them to manually install the add-ons ?

3 mths RDM 2019.1.34 Add-on management

I am also not really happy with the new add-on management.
Situation :

Currently we are using corporate wide RDM version 14.0.5.
When someone needs to create a VPN connection to one of our customers, RDM is configured to jump to one of 16 virtual machines where the VPN
connection is created.
RDM on the virtual machines is configured to look for an add-on folder which resides on a network share.
That way RDM knows exactly which add-ons are available.
This is also not USER installed, but SYSTEM installed. Everyone who logs on to the virtual machines sees all installed add-ons.

Situation with new add-on manager :

When a user logs onto one of the virtual machines, there is no add-on installed when checking Add-On Manager.
Strangely enough, the session still works and starts the correct VPN connection (for example Forticlient).
When checking the session properties, the correct VPN add-on is also not visible and even the VPN settings (like username/password) are not visible.
Only when adding the correct add-on in Add-On Manager will bring back the add-on with its settings.
HOWEVER.....this only applies to the current user and not for system. The next person who logs onto the same virtual machine where I added the VPN add-on, will have to do the same as I did.

Please let me the best solution for :

- Every user who logs onto a virtual machine sees all available VPN add-on WITHOUT them needing to install it themselves.
- All configured add-on are updated automatically
- Add-on settings are visible instantly.

3 mths RDM 2019.1.34 Add-on management


Currently we are on RDM Enterprise 14.0.5 with a SQL database (on prem server) as datasource.
I want to test the new release 2019.1.21.0, but without converting the database.
Therefor I have made a copy of the RDM database and will use this new database to connect a new installation to.
Ofcourse that will work, but I need to be able to use my current installation (14.0.5) as well for normal daily work.

Naturally I can use a seperate (virtual) machine to test a new installation, but it would be very cool to be able to use
2 different version on my machine, both connected to another data source (e.g. different SQL databases).

Is that possible ?
if not, can it be implemented ?

Maybe it is a good idea to create an installation wizard, where extra parameters have to be entered (like data source) to create a custom installation.
When different version of RDM will be installated into seperate installation folders, maybe that will make multiple installation of RDM possible.
(like RDM 14.x.x installation will be installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\Devolutions\Remote Desktop Manager\14 and new installation of RDM 2019.x.x will be installed into C:\Program Files (x86)\Devolutions\Remote Desktop Manager\2019 )

5 mths RDM upgrade process - Multiple installations RDM + installation wizard ?

Hi Hubert,

Sure, I can give that a go.

I will install RDM latest beta on 1 of our VM's and then test it for you.
Will come back when I have the info.

EDIT : it turns out I have RDM 2019.1.12.0 already installed on 1 of our VM's and just tested, Screenconnect works perfectly.

6 mths Remote Desktop Manager Extension not working with latest ScreenConnect

Hi Hubert,

By accident I stumbled yesterday upon a blog post from ConnectWise that there should be a new version of ConnectWise Control

Indeed, it now gave me the option to upgrade to new stable release 19.0.23234.7027, which I did yesterday evening.
After the upgrade I was able to connect again to our customers, using RDM 14.0.5 (using the RDM extension 2.5 on CW).

So the problem is solved for us, hope you can do something with this info.

6 mths Remote Desktop Manager Extension not working with latest ScreenConnect

Any update on this issue ?

I've found something in the Application log which could be helpfull.

Error :

System.NullReferenceException: De objectverwijzing is niet op een exemplaar van een object ingesteld.
bij Devolutions.RemoteDesktopManager.Business.Importers.ContactOutlookImporter.ca505697887085e420858b28e97a741bd(NameSpace c8f6c252014042057d9e2afbbab0119aa, ContactItem c794ffc578afe6dc22be072f97c413273)

Message translation from Dutch to English : the object reference is not set to an instance of an object.

No idea why importing contacts in Outlook would break the connection to ConnectWise cloud instance, but after this event occured we seem to have that problem.

7 mths Remote Desktop Manager Extension not working with latest ScreenConnect

Hi Hubert,

I have LDAP configured on the ScreenConnect server and so I use Windows credentials to log into the server and start RDM sessions.

Up until last week, this worked perfectly.

I've tried setting it to default or another value, still can't connect.

I'll try talking to a tech support guy from ConnectWise to see if I can upgrade to version 19.x without additional costs

BTW : see screenshot, these are the upgrade options. As said earlier, version 6.9.x is the stable version while 19.x are the experimental ones.

7 mths Remote Desktop Manager Extension not working with latest ScreenConnect

carolamos143 wrote:

Have you resolved the issue?

Not resolved yet, are you experiencing the same problem ?

7 mths Remote Desktop Manager Extension not working with latest ScreenConnect


I have 2 errors in the application log :

First one :

System.Net.WebException: De externe server heeft een fout geretourneerd: (500) Interne serverfout.
bij System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse()
bij Devolutions.RemoteDesktopManager.Business.Helpers.ScreenConnect.ScreenConnectHelper.c806ca9c37977f2694ab50d9983cf9406(Uri c5037b87218d33968ed5997f1e6129673, String ce3fdffbfdaf778b0b6e1bed746c5e5f0, String c5f4fb67d45af188491bb0f4d5eff06d8)

Second one :
GetServerResponse uri=<my servername> url=App_Extensions/1b088c99-69bd-43e6-8176-14a3a9af0552/Service.ashx/GetInstallerUrl requestBody=["msi","" , []]

(in the second one I masked my server name)

7 mths Remote Desktop Manager Extension not working with latest ScreenConnect

Hi Hubert,

We are using ScreenConnect service instance version 6.9.21870.6964
(see screenshot).

As far as I know, version 6.9.x.x is a stable version and version 19.x.x.x are experimental versions.
But please correct me if I'm wrong.

Otherwise I have to look if I'm able to upgrade from version 6.9.x to 19.x.x.

7 mths Remote Desktop Manager Extension not working with latest ScreenConnect

EDIT : Installed latest RDM (2019..1.12) on a test virtual machine and tried to connect --> same error.

So it is not the RDM version that is causing the issue.
Can it be the extension itself ? we didn't have issues before upgrading the extension from 2.4 to 2.5

7 mths Remote Desktop Manager Extension not working with latest ScreenConnect

Hubert Mireault wrote:


Extension 2.5 is now available. You'll also need version 2019.1.9.0 or higher of RDM so the new extension works properly.


Can it be that extension 2.5 doesn't work anymore with older version of RDM ?

We are using RDM 14.0.5 and receive error "Successfully connected to server, but not able to fetch server information" (translated from Dutch to English).
(see screenshot).

7 mths Remote Desktop Manager Extension not working with latest ScreenConnect

Thanks Erica,

I did do a search before I posted, but couldn't find anything.
Seems I didn't search good enough :-)

Best regards,

7 mths Automatically close sessions in log entry ?


I've noticed that on regular bases the log entry doesn't show that a session is closed.
See attachment as example.

Is there a way to script or automate that all "active" sessions are marked as closed at 00:00 for example ?
(I'm pretty sure no one is working anymore at that time).

7 mths Automatically close sessions in log entry ?

Hi Hubert,

Is there any progress on this ?

I've seen that the RDM extension of ConnectWise has been upgraded to version 2.4, but don't see any release notes.
So for me it is not clear what has been added/fixed in this new version.

8 mths ConnectWise Control - login credentials

May I ask for what reason you are using Splashtop ?

I'm asking because I am trying to find a solution for a specific problem we are facing, so I am testing different remote support tools.

9 mths SplashTop integration

I have talked to ISL Online and they have a webapi2 available, which can be found here :

I don't know if this helps (I'm not a developer), but hope it will

9 mths ISL Online add-on - Start RDP sessions

I am currently testing ISL Online.

From the ISL client (ISL Light) it is possible to start a RDP session to a host
(the Microsoft RDP prototol is routed via a secure ISL Online tunnel)

In the ISL Online add-on from Devolutions, it is not possible to tell that I want to use the RDP session.
It takes the console session instead.

Would it be possible to add this feature in the add-on ?

9 mths ISL Online add-on - Start RDP sessions

Jeff Dagenais wrote:


Thank you for the detailed description.

I have been able to reproduce your issue. A ticket has been opened to our engineering department regarding this.
The ticket number is RDMW-2021.

Best regards,

Sorry, small talk was never my strong suit :-)

Thank you for creating the ticket, hopefully something can be done about it.

Have a nice weekend.

9 mths Offline mode + Add-on path = crash RDM

Hi Jeff,

We store addons in de default network location, for easier management.
The addon path is configured in Options - Path - Default add-on path

As path we use a folder which is located on our network in UNC format \\server\share\folder

Since the data source (SQL DB) is located on our internal netwerk, it can only be reached when colleagues build a VPN connection to our office.
But when consultants visit customers, it is very inefficient to build up a VPN connection to our office first, start RDM and then connect to the customer's server (using standard RDP session), rather than connecting directly without setting up a VPN.
Since the RDP sessions are configured in RDM, RDM should be used to make the connection.
Therefor I want to make RDM available offline for the consultants to be able to start RDM and then set up the RDP session normally.

Since the addon path is configured in RDM, it looks to this path at startup.
But this path is not there (obviously : there is no connection to our network), so RDM crashes.

I tested it by removing the addon path in OPTIONS and then start RDM in offline mode, it works.
Adding the path back, it crashes again.

Of course we can remove the addon path, or create local folders where addons can be stored, but then all laptops need to be updated when new versions of addons are available. We prefer a centralized location.

I think the problem can be solved when the check for addons is not at startup, but once RDM has already started.

9 mths Offline mode + Add-on path = crash RDM

We are using RDM 14.0.5 currently with SQL database as data resource.

I want to implement offline mode, as I get a lot of users requesting this.
Currently they are only able to open RDM when they have a VPN connection to our office.

I have checked the online help and forum for possible solutions, but nothing seems to help.
When I disable my network connection (to test offline functionality), RDM crashes as startup.

I think it has to do with a network share configured for the location of the add-ons
Network path is in FQDN.
It seems that this path is first checked when starting RDM.
When I remove the path, RDM starts nicely in offline mode.

Can this be changed that RDM doesn't look for the add-on path at startup ?

9 mths Offline mode + Add-on path = crash RDM

I'm not looking for a full system feature, but more like a "net send" trigger on the notification window that pops up when someone is already using a session.
Like a button with delayed "alert", which sends a net send command to the one who triggered the alert that the user (who has the session at that time) has left the session.

Would that be possible ?

9 mths Feature request - Notifications


To remotely connect to some of our customers, we have only 1 username/password possibility.
When someone is already connected to this customer, we get the popup that someone is connected (logging is enabled).
So far everything is working like a charm.

But would it be possible to have the system send a notification when this colleague has disconnected from the session, so that someone else
can take this session for other work ?

Maybe in the popup window, where being notified that someone is already using the session, a button with "request notification" ?

10 mths Feature request - Notifications

Currently I am testing ConnectWise Control with the RDM integration.
I have set up the RDM extension in ConnectWise and I am able to connect to my ConnectWise sessions directly from RDM, using the ConnectWise (screenconnect) add-in.

When connected to the customer SC session, I am also able to send CTRL-ALT-DEL to enther the credentials and use the "send as keystrokes" option to send username and password.
But is there an option to have the SC add-in send these credentials ?

We have for some customers multiple accounts on their server, so I was thinking of creating multiple SC sessions to the same server each with different credentials.

10 mths ConnectWise Control - login credentials

Hi Toby,

I know it can be misleading to think that the addon would install the actual VPN software for you.
But as said, that is not the case

The "addon" only adds additional functionality to RDM, so RDM knows where the actual VPN software is located and the addon often enables you to give extra parameters. Once you get used to this mindset, it is actually quite easy to work with.

12 mths VPN Addon not installing VPN software?

Thank you Maurice, it works.

I've looked there, but apparently overlooked.

13 mths Any way to start multple instances of Remote Desktop Manager ?


Is there any way to start multiple instances of RDM ?

I want to be able to start RDM as myself (administrator) and as a test-user, obviously for test purposes to make comparisons.

13 mths Any way to start multple instances of Remote Desktop Manager ?

I've tested some more and can tell you that the 32 bit vs 64 bit is not the problem.

I have found out that the problem is related to my login on the jump host.
When I use another login (test-user) account, exactly the same sessions works perfectly and I haven't changed anything (just the login credentials).

My account is local admin on all virtual machines (jump hosts) and DB owner/administrator in RDM.
When I start RDM with my Windows credentials and start the session, it will automatically log on to the jump host with my Windows credentials and start RDM on the jump host. After the jump, the session is not being picked up by RDM (agent).

When I start RDM on my laptop using different credentials (SHIFT - logon as different user) and log on as a test user (domain user, read-only user in RDM), and start exactly the same sessions --> jump is made, RDM starts as test-user and proceeds without any problem.
Tested this with multiple test accounts, even with another RDM administrator account (a colleague is also administrator in RDM).

It is like my own account is holding wrong information in some kind of cache.

So I tested even more to delete my Windows profile on the jump host in C:\users
When I tried to log back on to the jump host, I got the error that Windows is using a temporary profile to log on.
So it seems that my profile was corrupted.

I corrected that, by editting the registry and delete the pointer to my profile.
Re-started the remote session in RDM which logged me back on to the jump host, my Windows profile was re-created on the jump host and RDM was automatically started.
Once RDM was started, the jumped session was working perfectly again !

So it strongly points to a correct Windows profile and not a RDM (Agent) issue

13 mths RDM Agent issue

And I think I have found the solution !

Problem doesn't occur when I use the 32 bit version of RDM
I changed the shortcut (in Windows autostart) to the 32 bit version and tested 2 different sessions.
Both of them work.

After the weekend I am going to test a little more, also on our other jump hosts.

I'll come back to you about this.

2 yrs RDM Agent issue

Another finding :

When starting a session from my laptop, the jump (as said) to the jump host is made but the session won't be picked up by RDMAgent.

However....when manually starting the *.rdmj session in my TEMP folder (which should be picked up by RDM or RDMAgent), the sessions starts and works correctly.

2 yrs RDM Agent issue