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Do you guys intend to translate it to Brazilian Portuguese?
I'm a professional translator, from Brazil. I could help you guys with that.

David Hervieux wrote:

We are proud to offer Remote Desktop Manager in multiple languages. However we need your contribution to make that the UI is perfect. We now use a great online platform to share, comment and translate all the strings. If want to get involved in the project, click on this link We will send you an invitation and we will be able to access the resources.

We currently need to review the German, Dutch, Spanish translation. We can also add more languages if you are interested to work on them. We will generate the default files with an automated translation from Bing. It's only a starting point and those files definitively will need a full review. For your information, there are 3 files to translate:

  • BusinessResources: it's contains most of the entry from the drop down list (already reviewed)
  • MsgResources: it's all the messages of the application (need a full review)
  • UIResources: it's the text for all the application controls with a prefix (already reviewed)


  • label (lbl)
  • button (but)
  • checkbox (chk)
  • menu (mnu)
  • grid column (col)
  • groupbox (gb)
  • wizard titles
  • radio button (rb)
  • tab page (tp)

Thank you

3 yrs We need your help.