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Here is some notes about 1.08 Beta.I am trying to use the app in production mode so here are main things I noticed,sorted by importance(IMHO)


Touchpad mode implementation as per

Without this mode the application is basically not usable.Please implement ASAP


VNC command arguments still don't work which basically makes VNC connections unusable


Ability to get "abc" keyboard when in horizontal screen orientation

Again, lack of this feature makes using rdp sessions really hard


Ability to run connections with single click (against clicking on three dots and selecting "open")


Ability to browse for data source file (XML file)

It would be nice to have some kind of simple GUI file browser to point to xml file


Slow start

On my Galaxy Nexus it takes good 5-10 seconds just to start.
Being field IT support tech I need to open the app quite often and it is a bit annoying to wait 10 second every time ;-)


Make master Password optional

I fully understand reason for password but it would be nice if I could decide myself if I need it or not.

Many, many thanks

5 yrs 1.08 Review/Summary/Faetures

Yes,I mean mode 1 - A mouse cursor is displayed on the screen and it can be moved by using a finger on the screen (no physical mouse connected to the device)

5 yrs Touchpad mode implementation

This is a mode when mouse cursor is emulated.See here

5 yrs Touchpad mode implementation

Yes,this is correct,I use "-password=12345"

5 yrs Remote Desktop Manager - Android Beta

Are there plans to implement touchpad mode with mouse cursor emulation ?
As currently remote desktop mode is basically unusable unless screen size is more than 7 inches.
(It is especially hard for guy with fat fingers like me :-)))))
It would be nice if you can do Touchpad mode like in this app for example
I tried tons of remote desktop clients for Android but Xtralogic is definetely the best I could see.

Many,many thanks.

5 yrs Touchpad mode implementation

I found the problem.
In my Windows version of RDM I have vnc sessions with preset VNC passwords(as command line arguments) but your android version is not able to read any arguments from Windows version.Like I said I use same xml connections file.
Hope you guys will fix it soon .

Thank you.

5 yrs Remote Desktop Manager - Android Beta

Thanks,I can see "abc" keyboard in vertical position.Can it be implemented in horizontal position as well ?

For VNC connection I just use exactly same xml connection file from my windows desktop.The connection type is "TightVNC" and it works perfectly fine on Windows but on my Android device I only get black screen.

Thanks again.

5 yrs Remote Desktop Manager - Android Beta

My apologies for slow respnse,I was away.
I tried version .07 and progress is huge.

The following three issues I noticed:

1. I cannot figure out how to get "abc" keyboard.I can switch to function mode,number mode but I ca't see letters.

2. VNC sessions open as black screen

3. When open RDP session from vertical position after rotating screen to horizontal it won't adjust automatically and shows up as half screen.However when open RDP session from horizontal position everything is fine.

Thank you very much and keep up excellent work.

5 yrs Remote Desktop Manager - Android Beta

Yes,exactly same behavior.

When connection to nonstandard ports,it gives "Connection error:Please verify your connection settings".
When connecting to standard ports,it give the message above and after that "The peer connection was lost".

Both connection work fine with other remote desktop clients(both Windows and Android based)


5 yrs Remote Desktop Manager - Android Beta

Hi Nicolas,

Exactly same problems,I can't see any difference at all(beta 1.05).
Am I missing something ?

5 yrs Remote Desktop Manager - Android Beta

I have around 100 connections in my xml file,all of them give same error message,so it is definitely not connection specific,even if I create new connection manually I get same error.When I click Launch,the screen changes to black for a few seconds with ip address on top and then fails.

5 yrs Remote Desktop Manager - Android Beta

There you go:

Host ping result: Failed
Host port scan result: Successful

I installed terminal emulator on my android device and tried to ping same host and pings perfectly fine so the problem is definitely with application itself.

Also you probably know disabling WAN ping is a common practice for security reasons so ping test might not be always relevant when troubleshooting connection issues.


5 yrs Remote Desktop Manager - Android Beta

All done.

5 yrs Remote Desktop Manager - Android Beta

Hi Nicolas,

Yes,it is IP address,not hostname,still same error message.And just to be clear,it is not this specific session but all remote desktop sessions from xml file I imported give same error message.
And same xml file works perfectly fine on Windows.


5 yrs Remote Desktop Manager - Android Beta

I import existing xml file and all sessions show up perfectly fine.
However when I try to launch any session I get the following error message

"Connection error: Please verify your connection settings"

See screenshot attached.
Same session works perfectly fine on Windows.


5 yrs Remote Desktop Manager - Android Beta