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Screenconnect support for Mac client?

atlwinegeek1 View1979 Blog3

Tools -> Remote Management Page

Didi View1565 Blog4

Support for PasswordState View1694 Blog4

Interoperability for Mac RDM to Open RDM connections marked as Putty in Windows.

mosodede View1468 Blog2

Citrix ICA File Session Option like the windows version of desktop manager View1498 Blog2

Search: Do not show results if session status isn't active

BrendanThompson View1398 Blog4

Search: Show results in search bar drop-down

BrendanThompson View1641 Blog4

Sonicwall Mobile Connect VPN View2341 Blog4

Updates that don't require manually re-downloading the DMG a la Sparkle

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Petiel View4108 Blog17

Online backup option

Darko View2029 Blog5

Logmein Support

NoAgenda View1482 Blog2

SecureCRT Integration

an0nz View1956 Blog7

ARD Session Type

BrendanThompson View2339 Blog5

Shortcuts Like Start Menu - Copy Paste

kayvanaarssen View7397 Blog21

Command Line

banfield View2141 Blog6

Before/After connect command line event

sambroox View1843 Blog4


micheyg View1792 Blog4

Import RDD / Encrypted SQL connections

kimwallace View2621 Blog7


scfsjoerd View1832 Blog2

1Password Integration

Leonid Belenky View3622 Blog15

SQL Server sessionlist offline available

scfsjoerd View1744 Blog5

Follow focus on navigation pane

dl33ta View1544 Blog2

Inherit MS RDP session settings from group folders

dl33ta View1725 Blog2

Control Windows Services

mtrayn01 View1587 Blog2

OSX 10.10 Yosemite

scfsjoerd View9349 Blog6

Full screen mode

scfsjoerd View2044 Blog2

Refresh Data source button

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Leonid Belenky View1893 Blog4

HTTP/HTTPS session type

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