Remote Desktop Manager - PowerShell Repository

This group contains multiple PowerShell script to import edit or interact with the Remote Desktop Manager data

Remove all shortcuts to a RDM session without looping through all sessions

Erica Poirier View1355 Blog1

Creating Sessions with PowerShell View3507 Blog16

Thoughts about the PS cmdlets View1389 Blog2

Import Computers from AD

Stefane Lavergne View3280 Blog6

Connect to office365 platform

ReDxXx View2377 Blog4

Default Profile with PowerShell

reviox View1934 Blog11

Programmatically changing the SSH recording file name

Maurice Cote View1427 Blog5

New group from template group

rolflobker View1715 Blog4

Test if TCP connection works for each RDP item in RDM and if not then set status to "warning" + msg View1451 Blog2

New powershell cmdlets for v10

Maurice Cote View3054 Blog4 Closed

Is it possible to create a VM session via PowerShell?

leo View1238 Blog2

RDM CMDlets under 64 bit

Peter Cermak (POI) View3323 Blog7

Creating Putty Session

debell67 View2888 Blog3

folder inheritance

nookie View1684 Blog2

PSSnapin vs Module, 32 Bit vs 64 Bit

Bosparan View1923 Blog2

Tools > Extension Manager

bspach View2064 Blog6

Export custom fields

Orhan View2513 Blog7

Update Teamviewer sessions based on database table

kstonernasg View2788 Blog2

PowerShell Search for existing Session

AustinArbour View3155 Blog5


AustinArbour View2440 Blog6

Get or Set Properties of Subconnections

nmooremvsc View3967 Blog12

Connection Import with children

87insane View2395 Blog3

Export Logmein connections

NoAgenda View2306 Blog5

Import with other fields

rumpler View2714 Blog2

Online Detection - change all to Port Scan

Peter Cermak (POI) View2214 Blog1

Import your TechNet Subscription (via XML)

Stefane Lavergne View3935 Blog3

Metadata Update from List

Peter Cermak (POI) View3407 Blog2

Import simple CSV (name, url) of web bookmarks

Stefane Lavergne View5038 Blog1

Reflect the group name as the company name

Stefane Lavergne View2093 Blog1

Create Web Data Entry (from XML)

Stefane Lavergne View3766 Blog1