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DPS browser extension: global entry search

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Missing description

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Password generation using a hashing algorithm

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2FA with SMS Passcode

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Default Templates - Distributed by DVLS webAPI View2935 Blog32

configurable 2-factor authorisation while opening a session

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Clipboard buffer timeout

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SAML Authentication

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Auto redirect to O365

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Azure App Services

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Since update to no eforcement of password policy possible

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Authentification Devolution server console

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OpenPGP Support

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Copy Script to clip board.

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Create, view edit sessions and credentials online

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Notification mail specific sessions and password viewed

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RDMS 4.5 Web Interface - Option to disable "Merge credentials list with sessions" View1066 Blog3

DVLS as serial repository

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Two factor authentication: continued

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DS settings - Private Vault on custom/local drive View1132 Blog2

Make favorites manageable lists like playlists

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AD-Sync enhancements

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AD-Account + E-Mail

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Manage Devolutions Server from Client PC

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2 Factor Authentication

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AD Integrated - Default to Domain in object selector

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Hypervisor Addon Feature Request View1849 Blog6

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