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humm View144 Blog3

History on Added Spreadsheet documents

j08 View68 Blog4

Notification "On Use/View"

michael27 View101 Blog3

Devolution web login - show active state

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Login screen - loading animation

pnmsc View129 Blog2

DPS browser extension: global entry search

humm View164 Blog6

Automatically check AD Group Memberships

Johnny View117 Blog3

Require recording of session and store on password server

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michael27 View130 Blog5

2FA - Expand Alternate-2FA options

Michael L View87 Blog2

Add a soon to expire report -- Feature request for Password Manager

mikelustman View172 Blog7

Missing description

humm View116 Blog2

Password generation using a hashing algorithm

paul07 View141 Blog2

2FA with SMS Passcode

John Bruhin View210 Blog4

Default Templates - Distributed by DVLS webAPI

Michael L View3170 Blog32

configurable 2-factor authorisation while opening a session

Miramar View2005 Blog11

Clipboard buffer timeout

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Additional fields View184 Blog6

SAML Authentication

Brett Hobbs View371 Blog7

Auto redirect to O365

Brett Hobbs View163 Blog2

Azure App Services

gokaycagri View1233 Blog9

Since update to no eforcement of password policy possible

nico01 View497 Blog7

Authentification Devolution server console

reniera View447 Blog3

OpenPGP Support

Nillth View882 Blog4

Copy Script to clip board.

vince View760 Blog2

Create, view edit sessions and credentials online

tyol View6409 Blog32

Notification mail specific sessions and password viewed

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RDMS 4.5 Web Interface - Option to disable "Merge credentials list with sessions" View1117 Blog3

DVLS as serial repository

KajLehtinen View1152 Blog2

Two factor authentication: continued

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