Remote Desktop Manager - AddOns

Remote Desktop Manager - AddOns support


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Support Igel UMS Manger

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Palo Alto Networks Global Protect VPN

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Toad Plugin Import / Export

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Citrix Netscaler add-on error "this application needs .Net framework 4.6!"

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Bitwarden Password Manager Plugin

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Netscaler Add-On

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Keepass 2.39 compatible plug-in

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Forticlient latest version not connecting using Forti vpn add-on

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OpenVPN - enable automatic authentication => password error

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FortiClient VPN Client Support

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KeePass plugin credential not working

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Watchguard system manager plugin

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Barracuda NG Addon

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Openstack ADD/ON

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GotoManage (Citirx)

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OpenVPN didnt close after connection end

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winSCP bookmarks not saved in embedded display

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AnyConnect Connect Anyway Not Working

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Expired VPN client

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Is there a way to grab log files from a remote server (Windows (radmin) and Linux (putty))

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Bomgar Access Console

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Azure SQL / Azure AD Authentication support for SQL Server Management Studio Add-On

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ProStructures Deployment via SCCM

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New purchase options

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Smooth Offline

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WatchGuard SSL Addon Issue

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Use RDM to invoke SecureCRT connection not in Session Manager

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