Remote Desktop Manager - AddOns

Remote Desktop Manager - AddOns support


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VMWare Horizon

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Requesting Zyxel SecuExtender Add-on from

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Helpdesk / Ticket System

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Mikrotik Dude

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Import asset inventory data from Lansweeper IT Asset Management Software

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My Mobiler AN ADD ON

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OpenVPN: Allow multiple active profiles

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ShrewSoftVPNAddOn crash

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Zoho Vault add in Remote Desktop Manager

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Bomgar password

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FortiClient Addon don't use variable $COMPUTER_IP$

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Source code samples for KeePass Plugin?

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winSCP bookmarks not saved in embedded display

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Barracuda NG Firewall Add-on-Update provides same Version as already installed

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SSMS Addon - "The target principal name is incorrect. Cannot generate SSPI context."

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VPN Addon-Update provides same version as already installed

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Bitwarden - unable to connect

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Is there an option to keep the command line VPN popup-window open longer?

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Bitwarden - "Unable to retrieve Bitwarden credentials"

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Support for Barracuda NAC VPN Client 5.X.X

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Add-on Request: StormShield VPN SSL

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Download off Addon ZIP for offline install

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Request: PLSQL Developer Add-On

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Remote Solutions for Industrial Applications

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Bitwarden Password Manager Plugin

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FortiClient IPSec Add-On

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VMWare Horizon Client

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