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Inventory Report on Linux servers

gustavo01 View910 Blog17

Swap order of "Domain" and "Password" fields in "Prompt for Credentials" dialog

lowellp View908 Blog11

Variables “Customer #”

acetico View54 Blog3

1password Web mode with 2FA support

info22 View302 Blog17

RDP Diplay (mode)

acetico View37 Blog3

Multiple contacts on sessions

kongsted View284 Blog6

Macros/Scripts/Tools common for every repository.

acetico View33 Blog2

Warn if Already Opened - Request User Permission

hbas View186 Blog5

Auto Add Devices to Playlist

mad View1539 Blog14

Serial port session - no logging

Chuck Smith View42 Blog2

Palo Alto Networks firewalls VPN add-on

tataia View9824 Blog33

Allow variables in passwordstate path

jason14 View25 Blog1

Integration with Keeweb

chaoscreater View34 Blog2

Quick Connect to multiple servers

chaoscreater View51 Blog3

Open RDP sessions with mstsc.exe

chaoscreater View43 Blog3

Keep custom message text by changing session status

Min Destens View127 Blog5

Default action for Script / Tools

Min Destens View205 Blog8

Teamviewer API

thomas18 View50 Blog3

Possible improvement for the Overview tab

Min Destens View103 Blog3

Add feature interactive authentication in terminal for SSH Tunnel

jca510 View66 Blog2

OpenVPN Add-on - Google Authenticator Support

jacob01 View379 Blog5

OTP credential entry - add QR code

Min Destens View146 Blog4

save the log into database

cedric02 View129 Blog2

Have the ability to show/hide individual portions of a Vault (Sessions, Tools/Macros, and Credential

NOTWJ1836 View99 Blog2

Password Change Agent

Chuck Smith View120 Blog5

VIew passwords offline mode

Edwin Veenman View500 Blog5

Load from inventory regardless of entry type

rotem View66 Blog2

"Mark all Duplicates" option in "Duplicate Entries" reports dialog

kidimbwi View140 Blog1

Embedded Sessions ; more than two

etc View918 Blog12

RUNS AS tab in the user specific settings

dbrame View603 Blog11