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FTP - Open Session (Prompt for Credential)?

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I just purchased a license for RDM. I like it so far. However, I'm hoping a feature can be added that will allow entering the password when launching an FTP session.

I use a Yubikey (with one-time password configuration) for authentication to one of my FTP servers so I'm unable to keep a password value saved in any application (RDM, Filezilla, KeePass, etc...). The username could be saved in RDM, but not the password or neither. Right now, launching an FTP session for this server from RDM simply results in failed connections since the password hasn't been saved in either RDM or Filezilla and I am not prompted for it by RDM or Filezilla. Maybe there could be an option to disable auto-login for FTP or have a function for the greyed-out "Open Session (Prompt for Credential)"-option when using FTP? What is the likelihood of a feature like this being implemented?

Clearly, this isn't essential and I didn't buy RDM with FTP functionality in mind. I could simply keep using an FTP client alone for these connections, but I was fond of the idea of being able to manage all my connections from within RDM.

Thank you for your time,
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This is a good idea, I will try to add this for the next release. Thank you

David Hervieux


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