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Would you be able to add an option for "disabling Batch Edit"?

Currently, we have a scenario, where we need users to be able to add/edit sessions as they perform installs, however, we do not want them to be able to bulk edit *all* the sessions.

So we'd like to somehow disable a the batch edit option. If this was just a preference on the client that would be fine to, but that would save us of redoing like 900 connections, when someone does a whoops, and redoes the description field en masse.

It would also be nice, if we did an import from XML into a SQL DB, it only overwrote the existing fields, so I could do an XML import with say just the IP modified, or password, or description field modified, and it left all the other options the same in the database.

As it is currently, if we import a session list from a .rdm backup, overwriting the existing entries, we lose all the credentials, and security groups that have been associated with them.

Thanks for all your work! It's a great product!


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For the batch edit, it's very easy to do so, I added a feature request for that and this could be in the next small fix release we gone do.

For the other request, it's a little bit more complicated. I also added a feature request for that.

Thank you

David Hervieux


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