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After playing around for a while with RDM installed on a Surface Pro 2 I have noticed some things are hard to control or manipulate, mainly because of how close together everything is. While it works great with a keyboard and mouse, touch is a little clunky (not meant in any disrespectful way as my whole day revolves around working from RDM and I'm sure it was never developed with touch in mind).

That said, after I installed Office 2013 on here, I noticed within Outlook (and maybe other apps) they have an option that automatically detects that you are using a touch based system and spaces things out a little differently which definitely makes things easier to use.

Just wanted to mention and see if this is something you guys could take a look at as I see myself carrying this Surface around a lot more than my Laptop now when I'm on site and being able to do everything via touch would be awesome.

Clock6 yrs

Do you have some specific area you would like us to work one? Is it mostly the tree?

David Hervieux


Clock6 yrs

Hi, yes the tree would be the biggest thing although not really sure what you could do much differently. Just spacing in general is a little hard to hit the correct thing with your finger sometimes on the tree tabs - one example would be trying to resize the tree panel, its quite hard to 'grab' the bar and stretch out that side of the UI.

Clock6 yrs