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New Build: Remote Desktop Manager

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Hello forum!

We just released a new build: Remote Desktop Manager version

Direct Download:

Change history (version

  • Added a new data source policy to hide the serial number
  • Added an option to hide the navigation tab pages
  • Added an option tp embed a Citrix ica file directly in the session
  • Added Apple Keychain compatibility support
  • Added the a button to re-order the playlist connection sequence
  • Added the Polish translation
  • Added the possibility to edit the status message
  • Added the Swedish translation
  • Changed the export xml to be compatible with the import Xml
  • Fixed a possible issue with the add-on list when the desktop is not Internet connected
  • Fixed a possible issue with the re-import of an exported csv
  • Fixed an issue with the selected tab group while opening another session
  • Improved the auto update for the Enterprise edition
  • Improved the KeePass xml import
  • Opened connection list is now alphabetically sorted
  • RDM no longer steal the focus when opening multiple connections
  • View contact can now be opened in embedded mode


Maxime Trottier


Clock6 yrs