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I'm going to be importing about 500 entries and was wondering if you had a list of fields that I could import if I use powershell and an example script

I need all of the fields available via the normal CSV import and was also looking at the following:

Information General
Information Custom Fields

If possible, I'd also like them to be based off of a template so I can easily set the icons.

Any info on importing additional fields via powershell or other means is appreciated.


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All UI fields can be set via PowerShell. Finding how is somewhat tricky at first. Have a look at this blog post: it outlines some of the basic steps to consider when starting with RDM PowerShell.

Full RDM CmdLet documentation is available here: Please note the New-RDM-Session CmdLet supports -TemplateID [guid] but it's not documented.

Sample usage:

$s = New-RDM-Session -Name "MyNewNAme" -Kind "RDPConfigured" -TemplateID [GUID]"80cbfce3-5315-4b02-ab65-eaef7afe8a04"

Helpful PowerShell scripts can also be found here:

In general all fields can be set using the Set-RDM-Property but if $session is the result of a New-RDM-Session not (Get-RDM-Session) you can assign them directly:

$session = New-RDM-Session -Name "MyNewNAme" -Kind "RDPConfigured" -TemplateID [GUID]"80cbfce3-5315-4b02-ab65-eaef7afe8a04"

$session.MetaInformation.Architecture = "myValue"
$session.MetaInformation.CustomField1Title= "Random"
$session.MetaInformation.CustomField1Value= "value"

# special cases

Set-RDM-Session $session -NoRefresh

Form the blog post

Use the Set-RDM-Property cmdlet to set almost any value within the session object. To find properties and paths, reverse engineer the session XML file format. Create a sample session in RDM and export it using the right click menu Import/Export -> Export Session (.rdm).... Once exported, open the .rdm file with your favorite editor. Browse the XML structure to find the property path and name.

Sample export of an RDP Session with some information general and custom fields set:
<?xml version="1.0"?>

<CustomField1Title>Field #1</CustomField1Title>
<CustomField1Value>Field #1</CustomField1Value>
<CustomField2Title>Field #2</CustomField2Title>
<CustomField2Value>Field #2</CustomField2Value>
<CustomField3Title>Field #3</CustomField3Title>
<CustomField3Value>Field #3</CustomField3Value>
<CustomField4Title>Field #4</CustomField4Title>
<CustomField4Value>Field #4 Value</CustomField4Value>
<CustomField5Title>Field #5</CustomField5Title>
<CustomField5Value>Field #5 Value</CustomField5Value>

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