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Launch multiple after login cmd sessions

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We use RDM a lot for packaging remote training equipment connections and we are trying to implement some automation with this tool as well. We use the after login commands a lot to perform resets of equipment. What I would like RDM to be able to do is allow a launch of multiple sessions where the after login commands actually work one session at a time so we don't have to open each session individually and wait for the commands to complete on that existing session. It would be like applying the same commands to different devices either at the same time or one after the other. I have tried to open group using after login commands, but this only works on the first session opened. Is there a way to make this work?
edited by tom_minerd on 12/9/2013

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This feature have been request many times. It just more complicated then what it seems because many things could happen to interrupt the process. We will eventually do some experiments to see if we can find a good solution. Anyway I can assure you that we are aware of this feature.

David Hervieux


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