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New Build: Remote Desktop Manager

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Hello forum!

We just released a new build: Remote Desktop Manager version

Direct Download:

Change history version

  • Added a download link for the SMNP report
  • Added a shortcut (Ctrl+P) to view the password for a data entry
  • Added more stopwatch in tree load
  • Added Offline Edit/Add/Delete debug information
  • Added the variables $SERIAL$ and $SERVICE_TAG$
  • Fixed a bug with PasswordState build 6220 (Username vs UserName in XML)
  • Fixed a duplicate template bug
  • Fixed a possible issue with the filter dialog not focused while used with Putty
  • Fixed an worwrap issue with the session passcode dialog
  • Fixed null reference pointer in OfflineManager.SyncOfflineChanges
  • Fixed with the chars not displayed in the new VPN group dialog
  • Performance improvement for the trayicon menu load


Maxime Trottier


Clock6 yrs