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New Build: Remote Desktop Manager

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Hello forum!

We just released a new build: Remote Desktop Manager version

Direct Download:

Change history version

  • Added Dashlane CSV credentials import
  • Added environment variable support for the SQL Server data source
  • Added Environment variable support for VPN PhoneBook path
  • Added Outlook contact subfolders import support
  • Added the application version in the error logs
  • Added the possibility to save the private key passphrase for sessions and the data sources configuration
  • Added the Private Vault support for the Open (Select Credentials)
  • Added the tree columns in Reset Layout
  • Added xml Sticky Password import (credentials, contact, bank account, credit card and web connection)
  • Changed the X button to hide the navigation panel in auto hide mode
  • Fixed a missing connection name in the close comment
  • Fixed a possible crash while editing a database stored document
  • Passphrases once given are kept in memory for the current session
  • Possible Fix on SSL/TLS Error with DropBox connection


Maxime Trottier


Clock7 yrs