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I know this is not the best forum to post in but I couldn't find one more fitting. I have been using Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise in my company for well over a year now and I can honestly say David, you have revolutionized remote server support for subcontracted IT providers. We are utilizing all of the features of RDM to include SQL. We only allow working online so that we can easily remove access to employees that no longer work with us. So on to my idea, most IT people are using some form of client initiated Remote Support system for workstations. There are full featured subscription based services such as or and then there are free services like and logmein free. The problem is that the free products are pretty much just that, they are lacking any advanced features that a company would need and the paid for applications are all too expensive for a small IT provider such as ourselves. I have been watching your new web based RDM and couldn't help but notice that you have inadvertantly shifted your company into a position that I belive you could without too much work create a competing solution. You could copy the business model of logmein by offering a hosted solution thats ad driven and also offer a paid for version that could either be hosted by your company or hosted by your customer for their use. I personally would pay for a service of this type from your company on day one, even if it was still in a development stage as far as features. I am including a poll below to get some feedback from the community as far as the demand from your current user base. You can click Here to see the pricing of logmeinrescue and you will see why they and most of their competitors are geared towards enterprise level customers. What I want for my company is a solution that I can host myself on my own servers with SQL integration for reporting capability.

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Thank you Daniel, you are right that this could be easy for us to add another product like you describe. When I started Devolutions, I was alone, now we are 3 people and we have many ideas for the current year. This one could be added to our roadmap.

David Hervieux


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