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Hyper-V Cluster

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currently is it not possible to add a VM connection, which are running on a Hyper-V Cluster.
I can only connect about the cluster node, who running this vm.
But if the vm is moved to the other cluster node, I can not connect to this vm.
I must create a second connection for the second cluster node.


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Hi Stefan,
I'm not very familiar with Hyper-V cluster and I don't have access directly to this type of environment. Can you give me more details how you connect to it with the microsoft tools, for example with vmconnect ?

David Hervieux


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the hyper-v cluster is based on a normal microsoft cluster.
the vm will managed by the microsoft failovercluster-manager (Cluadmin.msc).
this tool ingrates also the Hyper-V Manager (virtmgmt.msc).
the is beneficial, that I have access to all vms, which are running on the complete cluster.


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