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Possibility to rearrange icon order

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I think it would be nice feature to be able to arrange icons in tree or any other view.
If I create Group, inside that group to be able to put VPN session on top, below that RDP, below text files of PDF. To be able to put any sessions on any place.
Now it is alphabetical sorted which can be quite messy.

btw. great product, thank you for it!

Clock9 yrs

inside a group you can sort your sessions:
go to the advanced session settings, there is a field called "sort priority"

Clock9 yrs

I didnt notice that. Thank you very much.

Clock9 yrs

Don't worry, I know it's not the best solution come from the fact that RDM use a real database and not only an xml file where you can re-arrange the content by moving them. Many other application only load an XML and it's easier for them to change the order. I implemented this as a workaround and maybe later I could add a screen to organize them in a group and setting the order autmatically.

David Hervieux


Clock9 yrs