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"Use Windows Authentication"

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Where I work, we are all on active directory and we use our Domain credentials to log into everything. It would be nice to have (if microsoft gives you API access to that info) a checkbox to "use windows authentication" so it would try the username/password that you used to log into windows. You see this feature a lot on Microsoft SQL server logins.

Clock9 yrs

Can you give me a more specific explanation on where you want this feature ? For example, do you mean to open the data source, if it's the case, you can use an SQL Server data source with Integrated Security. If you mean to connect to a RDP session, it's using it by default.

But if you mean to execute something else, it's not possible to extract the password from the current logged user. This is for security reason.

Let me know

David Hervieux


Clock9 yrs

Thanks for the fast response!

Yeah what I was talking about was using it for RDP. I wasn't aware that it would try my windows credentials first. I guess I just need to leave the credential fields blank in the session properties of the RDP?

Clock9 yrs

can you explain us where exactly we have to set this setting?

Clock9 yrs