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SECURITY: Password Policies

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I searched for this and didnt find anything.

When storing passwords inside sessions, have the ability to globaly force complexity requirements such as length, and alpha/numneric characters.
These settings could be stored with group priviledges so they cannot be edited by users other then RDM administrators.
Once this is complete then move further in implementing a password expiration/change feature.

When creating accounts in SQL, what happens when RDM encounters these requirements?

SQL Server can be configured with these requirments for SQL Authentication so when RDM adds user accounts and the policies are enabled inside SQL Server what happens?
Does RDM still add the user accuount or will RDM be prevented due to the password policy of the SQL Server?
It would seem that RDM would have to match the password policy for the account to be added.

Clock9 yrs

Yes we will need to match the policy because RDM rely directly on the SQL Server API. You might receive an error message if it's not matching.

David Hervieux


Clock9 yrs