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hi, i'm a new user switched from Royal TS to RDM. i'd like to see the following;

1) able to import server names and auto create rdp connections of servers from VMware VCenter, and Hyper-V Manager. Basically a connection setting wuth credentails that imports servers/list, and auto creates the rdps as per confioguration, eg per cluster/resource pool
2) the search bar/button is at the bottom of the screen, can this made so that it can be on the top right hand corner with ther ability to flaot as well.

Clock9 yrs

First of all, thank you for your switch. RoyalTS is a good tool and especially on the UI side. We were already planning a floating filter dialog but not the current beta. I also added your request for the filter at top right, I'm sure that many people will prefer that.

For you first request I'm sure I understand. It's already possible to import a list of computer and select an existing template for the import. It's available in the menu File->Import....

The current version in beta allow you also to configure a session tool with a template. this mean that you could be able to open a VMware session as a RDP session be using the host and the settings in the template.

I hope this help.

David Hervieux


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David, is it possible to have a feature called user mode, where i can't add or edit any sessions but only be able to connect/disconnect sessions. Eg: Tools->Mode-User, Super User. This is so that i don't accidently edit/save sessions!

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