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SECURITY: Two Factor Authentication

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I have mentioned before that KeyPass has two factor authentication using a key file with the password to open the encrypted database.
Putting this key file onto a flash drive makes KeyPass a two factor solution. I love it.

The database and password are useless without the file and the file and database are useless without the password. And what good is the file and password without the database, lol.

If RDM had something like this I would not even use KeyPass since in my RDM setup the data in the RDM sql database in encrypted and I connect using ssl.

The password feature in RDM to open the application is ok but can be easily defeated by deleting the credential in windows. RDM needs a stronger secuyrity method for opening the program.

C'mon gimme gimme gimme two factor authentication!!! Woo Hoo! I'm nuts today.
RDM is the best remote administration program out there. Was using visionapp before. Man! That software is crap compared to this! Awesome work you developer dude!
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I really want to implements more security method and it's only a matter of time. As you can see, we continue to release new features really quickly but I try to mix the features. In the next beta release, I'm adding more features related to the logging. After that, I will try to add more features related to the security. I added your request to my short term todo. I can promise you anything but I will do my best to do something nice. Visionapp is a nice tool, I think that we have a different style of development. I don't remember if you tried our integration with KeePass ?

David Hervieux


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