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Behavior of filter in footer pane

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Hi David,
i don´t know wether its a bug or a feature request:
we intensively use the filtering in footer pane. in doing so we have a delay after typing a letter. i think you create a new filtered list after every new letter. in a list with several hundret entrys is behaves like:

"M" (wait two seconds to filter on "M" ) "A" (wait two seconds to filer on "MA") "I" (wait a second to filter on "MAI" ) "L" (wait a second) "S" (wait a second) "E" (wait half a second) "R" (wait half a second) "V" (wait half a second)

perhaps you can wait a few hundret milliseconds without keystroke until you get the string to filter? so we have time to type "MAILSERV" and then applies the filter?

And thanks a lot for the temporary license!


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I will add a small delay like you suggest, thank you.

David Hervieux


Clock10 yrs