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Citrix XenCenter Virtualization

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Your product has several choices for platforms under virtualization but Citrix XenServer XenCenter is not included. Is it possible to add access to Citrix XenCenter for the Citrix XenServer platform?


Clock9 yrs

I'm very interested in adding Xen Server / Xen Center but I don't have a test platform ready for that. Maybe you can help me and give me more info? What application is used to connect to Xen Center or Xen Server? Can you provide me the command line ?

David Hervieux


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Hi David,

XenCenter is the interface used to access and control the virtual servers on XenServer. Beyond that I don't have much information except a couple of links that may help.

XenServer home page:

XenServer Resources and Support:

I will see if I can find more information for you and I can also post to the Citrix forum if needed. Please let me know.

Thanks again,

Clock9 yrs

+1 to that.
I would really really love to be able to connect to xenserver environnement.

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