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Ok, this may be over the top, but here goes....

I have co-workers using mRemote in the office and noticed something they have that I don't....and I want it...AND I WANT IT NOW!!! haha (Willy Wonka reference).

Anyways, we have around 200 servers. They are able to seperate their TAB'd views into groups. Kinda like this:
On the left where the session list is, move it down and create a "view box" above that. Add a selection to each session type that allows you to choose a "view group" that it would belong to. In this way, as you select each "group" in that new view, only the servers in that group show on the Dashboard TABs.

RDM is great until I start opening up 20 or 30 sessions, then it gets to be a bit much to manage. Be further pairing those sessions down I could greatly reduce screen clutter. I would be able to look at just database servers, or just terminal servers, etc.


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You are not the first to ask for that and it's already on my list. I haven't found and easy way of doing that (my UI component does not allow that) but I promess that I will try to find a solution soon. I have some idea but it's required a little bit of refactoring before.

David Hervieux


Clock9 yrs