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Text-Template Management (Support)

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This is a very low prio feature request, but when i don#t mention it, it cannot be done ;-)

I use a tool called Phraseexpress ( to manage common Phrases and get a Clipboard History.
Unfortunately these kind of tools (Actual Window Manager has this as a new feature also) don't work through RDM.

I use this for email addresses, urls, Adresses, Dynamic shortcuts like current time, etc.

e.g. i have a Text-Shortcut that inserts the local Date-time in a specific filename-safe-format (_2013-11-21_13-46-10) when i enter the shortcut +dtf (my short for Date Time File) which works locally and with normal RDPconnections but doesn't work through RDM.

No my request would be to either support these tools (change keyboard hooking or something) or implement a similar feature (as an addon to your existing clipboard Feature).


Clock6 yrs

Just to be sure, does it work when you open the RDP connection in external mode?

David Hervieux


Clock6 yrs

RDM RDP-Session don't not let the text replacement pass. This is for Embedded, undocked and External.
Means: when i enter +dtf it' still +dtf

Native RDP Session let the text replacement pass ONLY when NOT in Fullscreen

Means: when i enter +dtf it becomes in native RDP sessions:

  • in Fullscreen +dtf
  • in Window mode _2013-11-22_11-24-33

Clock6 yrs