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here is an AddOn for VMWare Remote Console Sessions.
can handle VMWare Server 1.x, 2.x and ESX/ESXi VM Sessions by calling VMWare Remote Console (vmware-vmrc.exe)

Supports only external Sessions.

Can't browse VMs on a Server. (VMWare Server / ESX(i) / VSphere Server)
Can't use Windows credentials.
can't use VSphere Server authentifications

@David: you can publish this on your webpage.

kind regards,

Clock10 yrs

This is great, I will add this for sure. Just a quick note, the Add-Manager is coming soon. This will simplify the installation.
<em>edited by dhervieux on 12/6/2010</em>

David Hervieux


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Can you send me the 2 images (16*16 & 32*32) please.
I just need that to publish your AddOn.

André Sanscartier
Devolutions inc.

André Sanscartier


Clock10 yrs

here they are...

Clock10 yrs

Thank you for your images. Your AddOn is published.
I took the time to transform your images in png format and add transparency.
You can see the result on the website.
I send you those images in case you want to use them.


André Sanscartier


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Bug report:

A connection with type VM Remote Console, when the server/user/pass/VM Name fields are edited, has the incorrect tab order. Currently if you start in the VM Name field, tab moves up through Password, then Username, Server, and then jumps down to the Fullscreen mode checkbox.

Not that I've figured out how (or if it's possible) to connect to a VM using the VM Remote Console to either a vm on a standalone ESXi box or ESXi connected to vCenter far it appears to not be possible unless I'm doing something wrong. Looks like it may be VMware Server 2.0 only. But that's not a final statement, just brief research and testing.

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I figured out to connect to a VM on my ESX 3.5.
I copied the VM path from the VIclient to RDM. That was the trick.
Writing the path manually has not worked for me.
But connecting via vCenter seems not possible as stated by olaf in the first post:
> "can't use VSphere Server authentifications"

best regards,


RDM Enterprise

Clock9 yrs

Version released.
compatible to RDM 5.x and 6.x.
Changelog: fixed taborder in session-editcontrol. (thanks for reporting DavidSzp)

Clock9 yrs


we use vmware vsphere 4.

with the addon i like to connect my vm instance.

the cli parameter is:

"c:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\Infrastructure\Virtual Infrastructure Client\4.1\vmware-vmrc.exe" -h xxx -M xxx

its work fine!!!

i don`t have any possibility to give any parameter in the addon mask.

please help us, to use the parameter "-M", because the other way does not work!!!

"c:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\Infrastructure\Virtual Infrastructure Client\4.1\vmware-vmrc.exe" -h xxx "[xxx] xxx/xxx.vmx" => its not support by vm

here the description from vm forum:

12. Notes:
You can also use a batch file to run this command.
The location for the vmware-vmrc.exe in a vSphere 4.1
installation is C:\Program Files\VMware\Infrastructure\Virtual
Infrastructure Client\4.1>vmware.vmrc.exe
To locate the path of the VMX file from the GUI, navigate to
the appropriate virtual machine, click Edit Settings, select
the base hard disk, and then copy the information from the Disk
File field.
If this command fails due to DNS resolution issue, try running
the following command that uses moID to access the virtual

C:\Program Files\VMware\Infrastructure\Virtual Infrastructure
Client\4.0>vmware-vmrc.exe -h <host_IP> -M <moID>

Additional Information

To find the moID:
1. Connect to the ESX host using SSH.
2. Change directory to the /etc/vmware/hostd folder.
3. Run this command to open the vmInventory.xml file:

cat vmInventory.xml

4. Identify the virtual machine that is causing problems and note the
moID number within the objID tags. For example, <objID>544</objID>.
In this example, 544 is the moID.

thank for your help.

Clock9 yrs

@apr: currently is the VMPathAndFile implemented and can't handle blanks in the vmware path/name.
I'm investigating currently the Vsphere SDK for implementing a treeview for selecting from the ESX(i) ore Vshpere Server repository to get the internal vmID. Can you use the vmID on both (esx and VSphere Server) ?

Clock9 yrs

yes, we can ... wink

with the cli parameter -M <moID> is all fine and working.

i need to give a way, to use the command with or without user password, and the two flags -h and -M.

in the moment, the addon ignore any flag with the host- or vm name.

our version is vm ware vcenter server 4.1.0

i hope to give you the information you needet.


Clock9 yrs

new addon-Version: vrmc
Changelog (from
- added Support for "-M vmID"

Clock9 yrs

hello i just purchased RDM and I'm running vsphere 4.0 and i would like to import my virtual machines

Clock8 yrs

Hah...what timing - I too am wanting to import my virtual machines.

Clock8 yrs

Hi Oki,
Would you mind to send me your source code? I will tweak it a little bit to improve the batch edit, username/password and host import and maybe some other small improvements. I also propose to add a tab page to give the same look then the other add-on. I will send you the source back right after my modifications.

Thank you

David Hervieux


Clock8 yrs