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New Build: Remote Desktop Manager

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Hello forum!

We just released a new build: Remote Desktop Manager version

Direct Download:

Change history version

  • Added a default value for the detect is online mode
  • Added a type SSH in the session vpn
  • Added an option to change the shortcut overlay mode in the tree list
  • Added batch edit support for the Is online properties
  • Added the My Default Credentials and the default session setting in the Classic UI
  • Changed the default telnet/ssh type to use the built-in instead of putty
  • Fixed a bug with the attachment description
  • Fixed a bug with the Open (Select Credentials) and the My Personal Credentials
  • Fixed a possible issue with the vCard when there is no formatted name
  • Fixed an issue with the text sub connection saving
  • Improved the Hyper-V connectivity
  • Improved the user specific setting management for the credentials
  • Minor improvement in the import dialog to prompt for the file list on open
  • Optimized the batch edit with the Xml data source


Maxime Trottier


Clock7 yrs