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Keep folders collapsed or expanded

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The problem I'm having with the folders is that I keep all folders collapsed so I can get to the right one without having to scroll all over the place but when I edit or add a new entry ALL folders automatically expand. I then have to go and collapse them again. Is it possible to keep the folder on their current state (collapsed or expanded)?

Clock7 yrs

I second that very annoying behavior. On top of that, it keeps scrolling back to the top every time a change is made or a connection is established/disconnected. Very counter-productive.
edited by ekred on 11/6/2013

Clock7 yrs


A new version is available with the tree state fixed.
You can now "Check for Updates" to try it

Thank you

Benoît Sansregret


Clock7 yrs

I want to confirm that the folder state fix is in and working as I would expect it. Folders that are expand remain that way even after I close (command+q) and re-open the app. Good work guys, thank you very much

Clock7 yrs