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Open Sessions and Sessions per User

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Hi there,

couldnt find that whishes here in the forum so I decided to add them smile.

We use the RemoteDesktopManager to manage all of our Remote connections to different Customers via TeamViewer, RDP, Cisco, VPN and VNC. It is very good tool for us to make sure that our employees have acces to the clients but can not grab the access codes to store them somewhere else for private use (you never know what people do...).

Here my requests for different features I miss in the RemoteDesktopManager:

- a status window which shows over all users from RemoteDesktopManager the current open session with the start time and a duration how long the session is already open
- control features which allow you to check which user from RemoteDesktopManager connected when to which session and some statistic features like how many connections which user had, what was the approx. time over all connections, daily histories and so on
- more possibilities to control the RemoteDesktopManager with the keyboard! It will speed up the work and use if the remote desktop manager would conform in controls more to the windows basics. My colleagues an me do most of the work in windows and other programms with the keyboard, so shortcuts like
Windows+E, D, R, ALT+TAB, ALT+<underlined letter> are basics for us but it is dissapointing that we can not control the RDM with over the same basic which nearly every windows programm workssmile upset
-> underlined letters for the menubar and every field or controlbox! So that you can Jump with ALT+<underlinde letter> directly in to the field which you are intrested in
-> a more logical way for the TAB key! For example when I create a new RDP session... It starts in the "Connection Tab" with the fields like "Name" and so on but the last field I can reach is then "Display" whats with "Security Group" ?? Also it goes then from "Display" to "OK", I expected that the cursor jumps to the
Details like the Computer Name or IP that I can go ahead with creating my new RDP session...
-> I can give you more examples if necessary.... smile

I would really appreciate if you could change the RDM that it fits more to the basic way of controlling a windows application by the keyboard!

Best Regards

Clock9 yrs

First of all, thank you very much for your comments. I enter 2 feature requests and one bug report.

David Hervieux


Clock9 yrs