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Non-admin viewing Secure Notes

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I've created a new Secure Note Data Entry (can be an admin or not). When viewing this from a non-admin user account the 'View' (picture of an eye) button above the note is disabled. Connecting as an admin user allows the note to be displayed. The non-admin user can edit the entry and then see the text.

Creating an Account Data Entry with behaves as expected: the non-admin user can view the password using the small 'eye' button.

Have I missed some configuration setting?

A second question: What's the option 'Allow reveal password' control when set in the user profile? (I have it set for all users.) I wasn't able to find out where this is used.

PVM v5.0.1.0
SQL Server as provider.
edited by Envoid on 11/7/2013

Clock6 yrs

How are your security groups set up?

For the allow reveal password, it is paired with the small 'eye' button besides the passwords in the credential entries . The button is hidden when the user does not have the right.

Maurice Côté


Clock6 yrs

Hi Maurice,

Sorry for the delay in replying and thanks for the info.

I've got 4 test security groups and the non-admin user has full access to all. The Secure Note I was testing was not in any security group. I've just moved it into a group; no change, still cannot view the note.

I can confirm the 'Allow reveal password' setting works as you stated :-)


Clock6 yrs

please send me a private message with your email. I may have to connect to your environment to see what's occuring

Maurice Côté


Clock6 yrs

Thanks for the live session to investigate the issue. It appears to be a minor bug (being too secure) and should fixed in the next version.

Clock6 yrs