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Hi all,

Yesterday we deployed a small update to our forum. It contains a few fixes but what I want to talk to you about today is the improved attachment workflow.

You no longer need to type the image tag [img]att3[/img] to inline you images. As simple click on the link will insert the tag within the post.

The old method still works, actually the new method [img]filename.ext[/img] is a client side hack, it gets replaces with the good old att1, att2 before posting back to the server but at least you don't need to write it yourself and it's easier to manager while writing a post. Keep in mind the order of the images used to be reversed (bug is now fixed) so no need to reverse your tags if you do them manually.

Give it a try I let me know if you like it.

10 29 2013 10 26 20 AM


Stefane Lavergne


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