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Creating a 64 bit RDM shortcut on the desktop

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Good morning. I was just wondering whether you are fully supporting the 64-bit version of RDM? I know that in the official release of v9.0.0.0 you added the shortcut for the 64-bit version to the Programs folder on the Start Menu, but it is always the 32-bit shortcut that is created on the desktop. I was wondering whether the installer that you are using can detect the OS version (x86 or x64) and then create the desktop shortcut based upon which revision of OS is installed?

Thanks much

Clock6 yrs

The 64 bit version was created to address memory usage issues. Sadly, just like MS Office, third party libraries and some plugins we use are not 64 bit compatible.

For these reasons, we have to recommend using the 32 bit version, unless RDM hits the memory limit.

For example, windows 2012 sessions consume 150mb vs 50 Mb for previous versions. We have little control over the memory used by the remoting technology you use.

Maurice Côté


Clock6 yrs