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Templates with Credentials

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We would like to use templates a lot more then we are, but ran into a limitation that makes it more difficult then I think might be the intention.

For our process flow, we get a new customer, and we go and add about 100 sessions to that customer. We have a lot of different webpages, devices and servers that we setup for each customer. What we can currently do is create all the sessions and leave the credentials to default. Then we have to go through each setup with inherited and parent entries, and specify the credential repository entries.

Now, we tried to create a template with both the sessions, and a sample credentials setup with it, but while it makes the folders, it doesn't actual set the sessions to use the NEW credentials deployed from the template. It won't go with the new folder that the template credentials are put in. The templates for both the credentials, and the sessions are created, it just doesn't change the sessions to reference the NEWLY created credentials.

Ideally when we create a template including sessions, and credentials that are referenced by the sessions, it should set the sessions to the newly created credentials.

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This is a complex scenario. I have entered a feature request to support this. I will see if we could do an easy fix or not.

David Hervieux


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