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Would it be possible to have RDM acting as a proxy server?
For example, we have a dedicated management network. What if we could run the clients on our local computers, and all traffic is tunneled through the RDM server?

Clock6 yrs

Unfortunately RDM does not have this functionality.

David Hervieux


Clock6 yrs

It would indeed be a great feature.
Encrypted with SSL this could work over the internet.


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I am also very interested in this request.

How do you envision this functionality to work in practice? What limitations are acceptable? Is any IP traffic needed or could it be limited to only TCP and port forwarding?

Depending upon the requirements I think that different solutions are possible. Some solutions may be configured to work in conjunction with RDM.

Clock6 yrs

My 2c (for what it's worth).

I have also sought this feature, both in a previous job and this one. I did find at least one competitor product that was able to act as a proxy for both RDP and Putty settings, but the implementation was awful and didn't even come within a horses' gallop of what RDM can offer.

In the end I have solved this by building full Microsoft Remote Desktop Gateway servers to act as the proxy. Yes, there is a cost to this solution, and Yes, there are licensing implications with this solution, but assuming you can overcome both of those, it works great. RDM's ability to integrate with an RD Gateway is fantastic, just as good as it's ability to do direct RDP connections. (One small piece of advice, though, is that RD Gateway sessions work better is you set the Display type to "Embedded" - see

For non-RDP connections, I have used another MS solution - port proxies. A full explanation of this is a bit out-of-scope of this post, but the short version is that I ran the following command on the "proxy" server :

netsh interface portproxy add v4tov4 listenport=2083 connectaddress= connectport=80 listenaddress= protocol=tcp

And then configured RDP to connect to the proxy server on port 2083. The portproxy then forwards the traffic to the destination on the other side.


Clock6 yrs

I have been looking into ways to get RDM to use a datasource (SQL w/ tcp) over a ssh tunnel. Then either dynamically add local port forward or interfacing with a much smarter socks/tunneling app.

Clock6 yrs