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Dont think this is possible at the moment but it would be great if you could see all the locations where a shortcut has been created.

For example I have a keepass repository and can see whats using this keypass entry on the right
It would be good if I could see where all the shortcuts to a particular session/data entry are created

The reason it would help me is that we have a spam filter for many of our customers, If I could create a shortcut to each customers folder that used the spam filter and could see where all the shortcuts are its an easy way to see who we have subscribed to it. Would also be good if that list could be exported.

This would be the same for any device that was shared between several customers, kind of like tagging a customer to that entry.

It would be the same for DNS hosting we would create a session or data entry for the dns server and create a shortcut to any customers folder that's using it.
The key to it being useful is seeing where all the shortcuts to a particular entry exist.


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This might not be exactly what you want but if you Edit the entry, you will see all the different groups in the group field.

David Hervieux


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