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Remote Desktop Manager 9 now available!

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Hello forum!

After months of Beta testing and hard work from our team here along with our community of experts and users, we are proud and excited to launch Remote Desktop Manager 9 today!

You can download version 9 here:

== Highlights ==

- Entry default values
- My Personal Credentials
- Private connection list per user
- Re-open last data source on startup
- Play list to organize or open a group
- Offline mode with read/write support
- Todo management
- Intelligent cache to optimize the loading of a large data source
- Document management
- Contact management
- Native integration of 1Password, LastPass and Passwordstate
- SQL Server basic role management
- New reports
- Run as different user support
- Dynamic credential vault link
- And more...

You can take a look at the change history for all the improvements (more than 120) and new features in version 9:

You can request a live demo of Remote Desktop Manager and all our products for you and your team. Showcased by Maurice our product manager, you 'll be able to see our solution in action and Maurice will answer all your questions as well as showing you all the new features during this 30 minute demo. You can request it right here in the forum by providing your email address or send me a message at

Moreover, stay tuned for a series of new articles to be posted on our online help and our blog describing all the new features in Remote Desktop Manager 9. We'll provide a technical walkthrough and step-by-step guidelines on how to get the most out of our solution.

Don't hesitate to leave a comment below if you have any questions or feedback, and you can always contact me directly at


Maxime Trottier


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