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A few features for consideration:

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First, thanks for the great product!

I have a few feature thoughts; These kind of wander all over, and in some cases overlap with different methods of achieving a similar result, but I wanted to throw them out for your consideration. I am sure that there is no way of getting most of these (or even any depending on the time frame) in any near term release unless you are already working on them but I wanted to at least get them on the table while I was thinking about them.

Again, thanks, and the below list is in no way a slight on your product!

1: Command Line Templates: The ability to configure a template based on a command line, sort of an on demand new device type. So, for example I could create a template called ReallyCoolTool, select parameters that I cared about based on a set of options, and set the command line to run: "ReallyCoolTool.exe $HOST$ UID=$USERNAME$ PW=$PASSWORD$", then when creating a new record, I could simply fill in the host, username, and password, and it would run the reallycooltool.

2: XML based device templates: This could take the place of the above suggestion, allow for defining a new device type based on an xml file (Something like;


<Name>Really Cool Tool</Name>












<String>"ReallyCoolTool.exe $HOST$ $UID$ $PW$"</String>

<Dir>"\Program Files\RCT\"</Dir>



(Of course, it would have to have a lot more details than the above, but generally the idea would be to allow anyone to define a new template... you could then even allow for uploading and sharing of templates!)

3: Drag and Drop: Allow me to drag and drop one session ontop of another to create a sub-connection

4: Editing sub connections: allow for right clicking and editing/creating/deleting sub-connections without editing the main connection.

5: build in simple scripting... I know you allow for vb script launching, but allow for a similar but more basic version something like:

"Before connection: ( ) None; ( ) Script; ( ) Command Line; ( ) The following: [ ] Ping, [ ] Wake on lan, [ ] VPN: [Drop down select vpn], [ ] Other session [Drop down select other session]"

-- (parens are radio buttons, sq brackets are check boxes) This would also combine several existing elements of your UI into a single page and (IMHO) simplify it a bit.

6: Grouping: Allow for launching multiple sessions from one session (though the above would handle this as well). For example anytime I am working on a specific device, I always end up with several other sesisons open, it would be nice to allow for this automatically. (or how about something like "auto launch sub-sesssions)?)

7: Filter / Group / Display in a table additional data: such as the info on the details or info page, so I might want to filter based on all windows machines, or all switches... or find something based on a note in the description entry.

8: Allow for configurable additional info: So, I know there is the basic 5 custom fields, but how about in the payed version allowing for building more fields and setting basic field types: (rack number, console port number, power switch number), a REALLY NICE ONE would be: related session: so I could create, for example, two new related sessions on my dell servers, called "Power Management" and "Server Administrator", then when I create a dell server session, I point the "power management" field to the APC and the "Server Administrator" to the Dell server mgr software... I could do this today using sub connections, but would have to recreate them each time.

9: Sub Connections in templates: Allow creating a template that also includes sub-connections... most of the time, my devices have multiple ways of getting into them, and often those ways are pretty consistent (web main use, ssh secondary, serial console server backup) so I could create a template that contained these settings.

9a: Allow for more complex use of the variables to allow for more "hands off" control over the sub connections and events: for example, if my serial connections are always using ip address and some custom port, how about allowing me to use a variable like: SSH Hostname: $PARENT.CUSTOM1$, then all I have to do is to put the port number in the parent's custom 1 field and never touch the sub connection.

10: Configurable VPN connections: not complex ones, but at least allowing for creating something like a url or command line option to launch my own vpn client. it obviously won't work for everyone, but it would help.

11: Allow for custom session and main tools.

12: Allow display of sessions from multiple data sources in a single tree... so when I create a session, I define which of the currently configured data sources I want that session stored in. but they are all shown on the screen at once. (OK, I assume this would be pretty hard, but hey, it can't hurt to ask!)

Dan Strohl

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First of all, thank you very much for all these idea. I will try to answer and give my comments. I also entered a feature request for the item not already logged.

1. I'm not sure I understand, but here is the use case I see:

- You create a template with variables

- When you create your session, you have an option to fill the template variables before the creation of the session?

2. Ok

3. Good idea

4. Already planned

5. Good idea

6. Already requested by another user

7. I will try to expend the search, but it's not easy support all the fields. I was planning to add a Tags field and include it in the filter

8. I see, good point

9. It's a must and it wil be there soon

9a. It's already planned, I did some work to expose all the property for all the types.

10. It's already possible, when you create a command line session, it's listed in the VPN list (use existing session). Same thing for a Putty session

11. This a planned for the next version, this was supposed to be there in the previous but this feature was cut at the last minute (just matter of time)

12. Ouff, this is something I want to do, but we are not yet here. There many security concern about that but it's deductively something I want to explore.

Again, than kyou

David Hervieux


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