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Show Description and Address in Tree View

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we use the description field a lot so that support employess know immediatly what server has which function.
Now our biggest client hast started to roll out new offices around the world and our connection db is growing and growing.
Details view is just too much now (althoug its my favorite) so I switched to tree view which is much more efficent when looking for a server. (I created a new structure to reflect the geographical locations of the offices)
What I miss in the tree view is the description field and also the server address.
I would very much like to have a detailed tree view in the next release.

Thank you

Clock10 yrs

Thank you for the request, it's a good idea. The only problem, is that we will have to change the treeview component and we had so many problem with all the previous one (multiple selection was a pain). I will see what I can do, but if possible, this will be cool and useful.

David Hervieux


Clock10 yrs