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Copy session details in contextual menu

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It would be useful to have possibility to quickly copy session details to clipboard (especially host address). It could be nice as feature in contextual menu and also in "details" view in dashboard.

Clock9 yrs

How do you specify what you want to copy? Can you give me more information ? Currently, in the detail grid, you can copy whole line with Ctrl-C. Do you want me to add a context menu to only copy the value?

David Hervieux


Clock9 yrs

I didn't know that ctrl-c works, my fault.
But contextual menu would be nice.  Especially when session is open and you cannot see its detail pane...

(However, I don't see details od informations when working with offline SQL - all tabs seems to be empty, possible bug in version, will confirm and report separately)

Sorry for a bit chaotic informations from me, my english is not good enough to explain clearly what I mean...
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Clock9 yrs