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maybe there will be a soulution for my following suggestion or maybe already exsists.

If I create an RDM for the client "Home1", then in general I also want to access the "c$:\" share and also use Remote Assistance for that client.
So If I have more clients I have not only to create one RDM session, but also each time an Remote Assisatnce Session for the same client and
client data (Home1, Home 2, etc.) and also each time an Explorer item to \\home1\c$:\, \\home2\c$\ and so on.

Maybe this could be solved by the deshboard function.


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Maybe you can use my workaround, I have an almost same situation but I have different domains, usernames, passwords and shared folders on different machines and this helps me a lot. running version

First create batch file name MapFolder.cmd containing the code between then---- lines below, place the files in the Remote desktop manager folder.
----MapFolder.cmd Code----
NET USE \\%1\%2 /user:%1\%3 %4
EXPLORER /e,\\%1\%2
----End MapFolder.cmd Code----

And now create a blank session and choose for example Remote Assistance or VNC,the important thing is that you enter a hostname or IP.

Then create a 'Sub Connection', 'Add session', click Other and select 'CommandLine'.

In the Run enter then "{path}\MapFolder.cmd" $PARENT_HOST$ [shared folder][username] [password]
for example "C:\Program Files\Remote Desktop Manager\MapFolder.cmd" $PARENT_HOST$ C$ admin admin

By double clicking the sub connections explorer will openthe path to the remote folder.

If you have the same account, password and permissions on the remote computer that you are logged in with, you can create a ‘Windows explorer session’ as a Sub Connection and enter \\$PARENT_HOST$\[shared folder] in the Folder field instead.

Now by using 'Duplicate Session' I just change the hostname or IP.

Hope it helps you a little bit

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We want to add custom tools in the dashboard, the tools will contains some variable that will be replaced by the value. In the meantime, you can try the Niklas workaround.

David Hervieux


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