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Inherit Settings

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it would be helpful and time saving if all settings also could be setup for groups.

So you don't have to do one action twice or some more often and have the quarantie
to have them all same configurated.

For e.g.
If you click on a RDM > Edit Session > Events
and the setup a program to startup "Bevor connection"
so you would have to do this serval times and then also update if some changes accour.

I hope I could discribe my idea a little bit.


Clock9 yrs

..sorry did not metioned an already exisitng post simliar to mine


Clock9 yrs

I added a specific feature request for the Before / After events, this could be very useful to setup it up once. For the inheritance, we still on our list for a future release.

Thank you

David Hervieux


Clock9 yrs