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RDP console/admin session indication or warnings

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Hey guys, first off thanks so much for wonderful software, first software in a long time I've personally purchased for work smile

I have a very basic feature request that isn't vital by any means but would really top it off for us at my office. We use it mainly for Microsoft RDP sessions and have over 100 that I've added to the sessions list in RDM. Me and the other administrators and I've shown RDM to have to frequently switch between console/admin login credentials depending on what we need to do. The issue is just that there isnt any visual indication in the sessions list to show us how that server will attempt to log on. This means I cant save credentials or use a shared database for fear of I or someone else changing the console/admin session option and then later someone else launching the same session unaware of the changed option. Then some servers were ending up with extra logged on sessions or duplicate users running in both modes etc.

If at all possible I would love some kind of option to help indicate or warn the user that console/admin mode is enabled/disabled. Even better would be the option to save/prompt for credentials for both. For example, if I as the administrator created a new session in the list and were able to specify that this server allows both a console session and user sessions, then maybe it could prompt before trying to connect with a couple buttons saying "console" or "non-console".

Honestly though, a very simple solution would be more than fine, like a warning box or different colored server name that indicates it is about to use the console session.

Any feature along these lines would be a great help! Other than that, I have absolutely no complaints, wonderful software!


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I added many request feature for that:

- Show an indicator if it's open with the console
- Allow a list of credential and prompt to select
- Enable, disable / warn console / admin session

What do you think ?

David Hervieux


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That is wonderful! Thank you very much, I'll keep my eyes out for a beta smile


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